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Everything we do, we believe in providing the best care, advice and products. The way we do this is by making you feel welcome, providing clear advice & explanations, by choosing only the products suitable to your needs and by choosing products that make you feel better.

Struggling with the low sun?

Do you find that low level sun is causing a glare that makes it difficult to see when driving? Do you notice that the sun reflecting off the road after it’s just rained is making it near impossible to see? How about when you approach that elevated green on the golf...

6 Common myths about eyes, but which ones are true?

We’ve all heard myths related to eyesight and vision, causing confusion about what’s good for eyes and what isn’t. But, are any of them actually true? Here are 6 common misconceptions and the truth behind them: Myth #1 – Glasses Make Your Eyesight worse...

“I Used To Think Opticians Were Boring”

“whenever I would go for my eye test I didn’t understand what they were doing….”

We were one of the first customers to be seen by the opticians when it first opened. A very joyful, kind and polite team. We never had to wait long for our appointments. Very professional. Would totally recommend them. Laura & Melina

A very joyful, kind & polite team

Very happy with the improvement of my daughter's eyes, I believe we are on the right path since we started to visit this optician. Very friendly, helpful and patient team and they also have good prices. I highly recommend them. Cornel Alexandru

I highly recommend them.

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