Myopia Control

At Hendon Eyecare Opticians our optometrists can provide advice and treatment on myopia control.

Myopia (short sight) is increasing throughout the world affecting about one in three of the US population. A recent Swedish study found that 50% of 12 year olds are myopic, expected to rise to 70% by age 18, with over 80% in parts of Asia.

Myopia typically develops at about six to eight years of age and progresses fastest in younger years before stabilising in early adulthood.  Several factors play a role in the development of myopia. Family history has considerable influence and recent research has shown that environmental factors such as light levels can also have an impact.

Various methods of myopia control, ‘slowing’ the progression of myopia in children have been investigated:

Corneal reshaping contact lenses (orthokeratology) and certain bifocal soft contact lenses have presented very promising results.

Spectacle lenses including multi-focal and specially designed myopia control lenses have been shown to make very little impact.

Medication can be extremely effective but the eye drops tested have not been approved for this use.

To assess suitability for myopia control treatment, we conduct a full eye examination paying careful attention to how the eyes focus at near, followed by scans of the front of the eyes to consider orthokeratology or soft contact lens wear.

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