Reactive Lenses

What are Reactive Lenses?

Reactive lenses perform as everyday clear lenses indoors. Outdoors, they do more, continuously filtering the light, reducing glare and eye fatigue. They adapt to changing light conditions, bringing out the best in everything you see, as well as protecting your eyes by blocking 100% of UV rays. This type of lens is ideal for people with an active outdoor lifestyle or those with light sensitive eyes.

Patient Care and Comfort is an Everyday Concern

Sunlight exposure can be harmful to patient’s eyes and forces them to constantly adapt to changing light, causing discomfort and sometimes even pain.

UV FACT: 80% of wearers acknowledge that UV rays can cause irreversible damage to the eyes*

GLARE FACT: 76% of clear lens wearers are sensitive to bright light*

*U&A sunwear 2012

Best UV Protection and Clarity of Vision for Everyday Lenses

  • Crizal UV eliminates UV reflection into the eyes while maintaining premium transparency.

  • All Crizal Transitions lenses offer the best UV protection for everyday lenses with E-SPF 25, meaning your eyes are 25 times better protected against UV than without lenses.

  • Crizal UV also ensures the best enduring clarity of vision thanks to the most complete protections against vision enemies.

Better Protection Against Glare

  • Transitions Signature VII is built with the latest and most advanced photochromic technology.

  • An exclusive 8-dye formulation increases light absorption coming from all directions and allows lenses to be more responsive than ever to light variations. Wearers are even protected from glare while maintaining the optimal balance of clarity and speed indoors.

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