Contact Lens Check

Contact Lens Initial Appointment (also known as Initial Fitting)

What is a contact lens check?

A contact lens check is where we

Our contact lens check usually lasts 40 minutes and is ideal if:

  • You have never worn contact lenses before
  • You have not worn contact lenses for a while
  • or you need an annual check-up.

Our qualified staff will look to gain an understanding of why you would like to wear contact lenses, how often you’d like to wear them and also a bried optical history. We will then conduct a number of tests to assess your contact lens prescription and suitability for wearing contact lenses.

Our Optometrists will then discuss the options of the lenses available and we will make a deciosn on what lenses you would like to try.

We will then arrange for a member of our staff to teach you how to put the lenses in and take them out, along with tips to keep your eyes healthy whilst using contact lenses.

Once our staff are happy that you are able to put the contact lenses in and take them out, we will provide you with a trial which you will take home to use.

After two weeks we will see you for a follow-up, where we can hear about your experiences with the lenses, we can check your eyes to make sure there are no issues with how they fit. If all goes well and we’re both happy then we can move forward to ordering your first set of lenses.

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